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Essentials on preparing for fluency exam

When you have decided that you are taking the IELTS exam there are a few things you need to do.

Decide which centre works for you. All centres are good and there is no one centre where you will get better scores. This is a standardized exam and you will be evaluated to the same standard at all centres.

The IELTS exam is run by The British Council and IDP Australia. There is no difference between the two as far as the tests are concerned. Choose a location close to you, never be late and carry the documents required. No one gets extra time or given special favours.

The next thing is to decide whether you want to take the paper based exam or the computer based one. Go to the website of your chosen centre and check whether they offer computer based exams and on what days they do it. This is critical.

For a computer delivered exam, every section is done on the computer except for Speaking which is done face to face with an examiner. If you think you type faster, think better and your handwriting is illegible, then your best option is to go for a computer delivered test.

Every centre has the same rules and you need to follow these rules, if you want to get your results on time and efficiently. Remember, when you do take the computer option, your results are processed within 5 to 7 days. If you like the paper option, then you have to wait for 13 days for your result.

When you fill the form on line please make sure of the following:

Put your apartment or unit number. The postal system needs that to deliver the results to you. Made an error? No problem, email the centre with your correct address and they will update it.

Please pay for your exam within 3 days of registering for it. It is best to pay when you register, especially if your test is only a few days away. Unpaid registrations will be cancelled.

Upload your PR card or passport when you register. You MUST provide this to the centre when you register and bring the same document on the day of the exam.

Please do not upload a selfie. The centre needs a clear photo which is checked against the photo on the document. This is serious and not a facebook page.

Register only at one location, pay for it and study to pass. Please do not register in multiple locations at the same time and get confused. This is an expensive test and you should take it once only. Prepare for it and take it when you are confident.

Bring the same document on the day of the exam that you used for registration. If you get a new document because you lost your PR card or Passport, make sure your centre has a copy of it a few days before the test and bring the new one with you on Test Day.

If you want to collect your results in person, make sure you have the same document as proof of Identification. No ID means NO results.

IELTS cancellation policy is 5 weeks before the test. If you do not follow that , your money will NOT be returned. If you need to postpone the exam, you need a letter and a medical certificate that you cannot take the test.

If you lose your official document with your results,you can get a maximum of 2 replacement copies and you will have to pay for them. It is not free. Please keep it in a safe place.

If you need to give your test result to your university, remember it has to go directly from the centre to the university, so check your centre’s website for the form and instructions. Most Canadian universities will not accept it from you. Look at the form and see that option there. You can give the address of the university along with your admission file number and it will be sent directly. Talk to your university to avoid paying more money. Be prepared to pay for extra copies and universities or colleges.

If you have failed to get the Band score you need, please get a tutor, work on the skills and give your self time to improve your band. They scores do not change magically in a week, 2 weeks or sometimes a month. It takes time since the test is testing your fluency and not your memory.

Special Requirements :

Some of us have special requirements and IELTS can accommodate those needs. However, there is a procedure to be followed. Please read this section carefully.

You must request special arrangements at the time of registration on the application form.

If you indicate that you have special requirements on the registration website, it will automatically prevent you from registering for tests less than 6 WEEKS away.

Some requirements need 3 months advance registration.

You MUST select the type of special requirements you need. ( for example more time, special papers or CD etc ) on the application form. You have to PROVIDE MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION to prove you have the problem. This is standard procedure in all centres all over the world.

You can ask for your paper to be re evaluated. You have to understand that there is a fee involved and a wait as well. Your scores will probably not change at all, so it is a risk that you will lose the money you gave for the re evaluation. However, IELTS gives you this option. You need to apply for EOR ( Enquiry on Results Form ) This form must be accompanied by payment of the EOR fee.

EOR can take 2 to 21 days to process. The centre will contact you when they get it from IELTS. Do not keep writing to them.

If your scores are changed, you must return your original test report form. If you do not give that, your new result will not be given.

If your scores are changed, you will receive a full refund of the EOR fee you paid.

Please remember that scores are changed very rarely and the examiners in each centre are trained to give correct scores. It may be better to save the money, take time to learn English and then take the exam once more.

Get organized, read all the instructions on the form carefully. If you do not understand or are confused, it is best to talk to the centre.

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